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Laundry Wetbag (Size L)

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Product Details :
Brand Elinfant
Made in : China
Sizing Size L
Primary material :  PUL polyester
Compartment Two

Product Info :
Elinfant Wetbag L sized are made waterproof both outer and inner. Sturdy straps for hanging on strollers, doorknobs or hooks. Keep your cloth diaper safe from wet, rain and prevent exposure of liquids from inside the bag. Wetbag with double zippered pockets.

What is it made from?
PUL polyester

Product Size and Care Guide:
Length x Width : 70 x 40 cm
Weight : +/- 65gr

Care and Use:
· Prewash on warm.
· Wash on hot.
· Add another rinse on warm.
· Hang to dry or dry in the dryer on low.

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